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Kate Spade Sandpiper Shower Curtain

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Customize Your Bathroom With A Kate Spade Sandpiper Shower Curtain


The Kate spade sandpiper shower curtain gives your bathroom a unique touch with its sandpiper design. This curtain is made of 100% cotton with an accented ribbon trim. The sandpiper shower curtain completely changes the look of your bathroom giving you the opportunity to stand as an individual when it comes to bathroom deco.

Useful Kate Spade Sandpiper Shower Curtain Cleaning Tips

The beauty of your shower curtains is only expressed fully when they are clean. Nobody enjoys taking a shower behind a filthy looking shower curtain. There is no doubt that your sandpiper shower curtain is going to get dirty with time. Your shower curtain will accumulate soap scum with time thus making it necessary for you to wash it.

 Kate Spade Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

You don’t have to worry about how you can clean the Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain because you can place it in your washing machine and wash it in the same way you wash your clothes. You can add fabric softener and laundry detergent. Once you are done washing your shower curtain, you can hang it in its usual place and allow it to dry. Avoid drying your shower curtain with a dryer as this may affect the colors of your curtain thus causing it to wear out quickly.

Important Cleaning Tips

Your sandpiper shower curtain is made of cotton. Cotton is a good fabric however it requires extra care as compared to other kinds of fabrics. Cotton is prone to fungal and bacterial attacks. These can easily be controlled if you regularly clean your shower curtains. When cleaning your shower curtains you have to carefully read the care instructions on the label.

When washing you shower curtain, you have to avoid wringing the fabric. Wringing can cause the fabric to tear. Wringing will also cause the fabric to become creased, which creates problems when you try to straighten it out. When washing the curtain manually try to avoid using rough brushes. Rough brushes can break fabric strands, which makes your shower curtain become weak and prone to tearing. Before using any bleach, make sure the label allows the fabric to be bleached. If bleach is allowed make sure you use mild bleach. Strong bleaches are only useful when working with white fabrics such that the moment you decide to wash colorful fabrics, colors fade.

Tips To Prolong Your Shower Curtain's Lifespan

If you want your Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain to last longer you can soak it in salt water. Soaking your shower curtain in water will help prevent mildew. You can also add a little bit of salt and vinegar to prevent mildew and molds. If your shower curtain has already been affected by mildew and molds, you can wash it with warm water and bleach to remove the stains. Molds and mildew release chemicals which can eat up the fabric of your shower curtain which makes it become weaker and tear quickly. By totally eliminating molds and mildew, you will be prolonging the lifespan of your shower curtain.

Tips On Making Your Shower Curtain Standout

Now that you have chosen the Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain you now need to make it look as visible as possible when you place it in your bathroom. The best way to do that is to carefully select your shower curtain rods and hooks. These accessories are very important for they don’t only add beauty but they also complement your curtain and allow it to blend with your bathroom theme.

Simple Accessories That Can Complement Your Shower Curtain

There are many items you can put into your bathroom to complement your Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain. These things include bathroom accessories like rugs. Foot rugs are very visible just like a shower curtain. It is therefore very important that when you are buying a foot rug for your bathroom, make sure it matches with you shower curtain. You can also put some towel racks. You can then buy towels that have a matching color with your shower curtain.

Other Ways In Which You Can Make Your Shower Curtain Conspicuous

The most obvious way to make your Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain become more visible in your bathroom is through perfect arrangement of background colors. The color of your bathroom walls determines overall visibility of all bathroom accessories including shower curtains. You can choose bright colors like white and cream. These colors allow maximum reflectance of light rays which makes your bathroom look bright. With good bathroom lighting your shower curtain easily becomes visible to all bathroom users.

You can also improve bathroom lighting by getting window panes that allow more light into the bathroom. Good lighting makes your bathroom look elegant, giving all your bathroom accessories including your Kate Spade sandpiper shower curtain the chance to glow and become conspicuous.

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